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new itemMessage from Kim Dej, Acting Vice-Provost, Faculty:

  • Message to our McMaster students:

    Many of you have reached out over the past few days with questions about your learning and grades as McMaster moves to an online format for courses as part of the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to assure you that our faculty and instructors have been working diligently to ensure that this transition goes smoothly.

    Please also know that we appreciate and understand that the quickly evolving environment and the need to make changes at this late stage of the term can cause concern. McMaster takes your academic success, your health and your emotional well-being seriously, and we recognize the stress that many of you are feeling in these uncertain times.

    Be assured that instructors and program coordinators have carefully considered the revised course plans so that they are clear, equitable and align with our shared academic expectations.

    We have given a great deal of care and consideration to ensure that our students experience the best possible learning outcome and that instructors are supportive and flexible to support student success in these less-than-ideal circumstances. Although instructors are not able to immediately reassess individual student preferences with respect to the revised course evaluation structures, grades in all courses are reviewed at the end of the academic term by Chairs and the Associate Dean’s office to ensure that students are treated with fairness and equity.

    Also, please note that all student appeals procedures are still in place at the end of the term if, upon reflection, you feel that your grade does not accurately reflect your term work and that you were treated unfairly. You can access information on grade appeals on the webpage of your Faculty’s Associate Dean’s Office.

    I can assure you that McMaster is deeply committed to you, our students. Your academic success, your health and your emotional well-being are front-and-centre of our decision-making.


    Kim Dej, Acting Vice-Provost, Faculty

new itemImportant Update:

new itemCoronavirus Updates

new itemStudent Elections to the Board of Governors, University Planning Committee, and Senate

  • Elections will be held on March 16 - 18, 2020 to fill undergraduate and graduate student vacancies on the Board of Governors, University Planning Committee, and Senate.

    The elections will be conducted online at MacVote. To view the list of candidates and for information on voting, please visit the University Secretariat Election website.

    Questions about the election may be directed to the University Secretariat at

new item2020 Winter and 2020 Spring/Summer Course Request Form (Instructors)

new itemUpdate to Service Hours

  • As a pilot, Avenue support will now operate later hours Monday through Thursday. New hours will be: Monday through Thursday: 8:30-6:00 PM, Friday, 8:30-4:30.

    These hours will begin Monday December 2nd, and be In effect until Thursday December 19th. They will resume again January 2 and be in effect until April 28th.

Avenue to Learn Updates

  • Avenue updates can be found at the support wiki's page for the 2019 Updates - Keep up to date on new features/enhancements, that will provide new functionality and abilities for the coming semesters.

D2L Pulse App

  • Thanks to modifications to the way you login to Avenue to Learn, we now are pleased to introduce you to D2L's (the company who makes Avenue to Learn) app, Brightspace Pulse. This free app will assist you in keeping on top of your workload, as well as notify you when courses you are enrolled in on Avenue to Learn are updated. To download the iOS version for iPhone users here is the link: For the Android version download it from the Google Play store through this link: While we are not the developers of this app, we can provide some basic support around configuring it for use at McMaster. If you have feedback for D2L, feel free to put in a ticket and we will pass on that information to D2L.