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new itemCALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Undergraduate and Graduate Student Representatives to the Senate

  • Nomination Period: September 15-September 25, 2014

    For details, see the Senate section of the University Secretariat website.

new itemLearning Portfolio Activity

  • Meeting new people and networking are essential skills for success in University and beyond. Who did you meet during Welcome Week? Who made an impression on you? Document your thoughts in your learning portfolio. What was surprising to you? What was interesting? How did it make you feel? Remember, you can use words, images, or video to do this! Use your learning portfolio to track your path to success!

new itemWelcome Back!

  • MIIETL and the Avenue Support team want to welcome you, or welcome you back! As a reminder, you may not see your courses until they are activated by the Instructor of the course, or until you have fully completed your registration. If you are having troubles logging in to Avenue, make sure you have enabled your MacID on MUGSI.

Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Course Shell Request Form Now Available

  • Request your courses now! The Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 Course Shell Request Form is now available.

    To request your courses, please go to the Avenue to Learn Course Request Form for Registrar Courses at As a reminder, all courses are created in an inactive state. You as an instructor can see these courses, but students will not be able to see courses until you make the course active.