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new itemAvenue Mail Not Being Delivered/Forwarded *resolved, February 24*

  • As of February 22nd, 2021, Avenue to Learn support began getting reports of email not being delivered successfully to any '' recipients. This has also had impact on avenue mail that has been set to forward to a '' address (This has not impacted mail that has been delivered to other external servers, such as gmail, outlook, etc.).

    The support team at University Technology Services has determined the root cause of the issue, and has resolved the problem. if you are still encountering a problem with email not being delivered to any '' email addresses, please submit a support request to:

    We apologize for any negative impact this may have had on your studies.

new item2021 Spring/Summer Course Request Form (Instructors)

new itemVirtual Learning Task Force

  • The Virtual Learning Task Force has delivered its report to the provost, which includes 21 recommendations for the university to enhance the teaching and learning experience for winter term 2021. As instructors work to develop their courses for next semester, they are encouraged to refer to these resources:

    - Teaching Recommendations
    - Virtual Learning Task Force - Final Report

Avenue to Learn Support Hours

  • In response to the shift for online learning, Avenue support will be available 8-6, Monday through Thursday, 8:30-4:30 Friday starting November 30. We appreciate you putting in tickets here: While we have a 24 business hour response time, most of our tickets are responded to same day (within 8 hours). By extending hours, we hope to catch more tickets in this same day window.

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