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new item2020/2021 Fall/Winter Course Request Form (Instructors)

new itemInstructors - New Quiz Question Importer Tool

  • To help facilitate converting paper tests and exams to digital resources, we are proud to introduce a Quiz Question Importer Tool. You can gain access to the Quiz Question Converter course - which contains a web based form to convert a test, quiz or exam that exists in a Word document or other text file, to an import file, that you will upload to the Question Library in a course. The course does not store or save any data. For more information please visit:

Instructors – Informal Feedback on Teaching – Winter 2020

new itemGrade Change Options for Undergraduate Courses

  • Message to our McMaster students:

    McMaster values the academic success, health and emotional well-being of our undergraduate students, and recognizes the stress that many undergraduate students are feeling in these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As part of the University’s commitment to supporting undergraduate students in a way that is fair and equitable during the COVID-19 pandemic, the university is offering the option of conventional grades versus Pass (P) or No Credit (NC) for a final year mark. These options are intended to provide some relief and additional options to students who passed their course(s) but are unhappy with their grade(s), or those who did not pass.

    The following changes will be implemented for 2019-2020 Multi-Term (Fall/Winter) courses and 2020 Winter Term courses.

    - Courses in which a final passed grade is achieved, undergraduate students may request to change this earned grade to a P (Pass).
    - Courses in which a final failed grade is achieved, undergraduate students may request to change this to a grade of NC (No Credit).

    The deadline to submit requests for a change of grade to P or NC is Friday May 15, 2020

    Important information to consider PRIOR to submitting a request for change of grade, including terms and conditions and how to request these changes to your transcript, is available through the Winter 2020 Grades Procedure FAQs at the Office of the Registrar website.

    McMaster is committed to supporting all of our students in making these decisions. Academic advisors in your home faculty associate dean’s office are available to discuss your options with you. Please reach out to them, since in some circumstances there may be longer-term implications to having a Pass or No Credit on your transcript.

    The Late Withdrawal (LWD) procedure is unchanged, however, the deadline date has been extended to Friday, May 15, 2020.
    Students interested in a Late Withdrawal must contact their academic advisor in their faculty/program office. Students can work with their academic advisor to discuss their situation.

    If you have concerns about a year-end grade, please reach out to these advisors. Your university is here for you, to help you make the best choice based on your individual circumstances.

Coronavirus Updates

Avenue to Learn Updates

  • Avenue updates can be found at the support wiki's page for the 2019 Updates - Keep up to date on new features/enhancements, that will provide new functionality and abilities for the coming semesters.