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new itemStudent Elections to the Board of Governors and Senate

  • Elections will be held on March 18 - 20, 2019 to fill undergraduate and graduate student vacancies on the Board of Governors and Senate.

    The elections will be conducted on line at MacVote. To view the list of candidates and for information on voting, please visit the University Secretariat Election website. Questions about the election may be directed to the University Secretariat at

new itemAvenue Support

  • Avenue to Learn has been supported by a team using a ticketing system called Kayako prior to 2010. While this ticketing system has worked well for us, it is time for us to upgrade. After a series of trials and investigations, Avenue to Learn support will be using JIRA software starting February 11th.

    What does this mean for you? Part of this migration process requires allows us to collect more detailed information to answer your questions faster. We will be able to provide better support with better integration between us and other service providers on campus. Starting immediately, we ask that you start using the support request form here: - this form will create a ticket in JIRA. If you have used the ticketing system for UTS, this will be the same process. You will have to create an account or use your MAC ID to complete the ticketed request. Calls will still be answered when support is available at extension 23757. Existing tickets in our current system will be added to JIRA throughout the day, but responses will be delayed.

    If you are currently using the address, this address will be deactivated on March 1st. If you have an existing ticket within our current system, Kayako, we will be migrating those tickets to JIRA on March 1st.

    Thank you for your patience during our transition over the next month.

new itemAvenue to Learn Updates - January 2019

  • Avenue updates for January can be found at the support wiki's page for the 2019 Updates - There are several updates that will provide new functionality and abilities for the coming semesters. Please note that this update will partially be delivered on December 21 to minimize impact to the community.

D2L Pulse App

  • Thanks to modifications to the way you login to Avenue to Learn, we now are pleased to introduce you to D2L's (the company who makes Avenue to Learn) app, Brightspace Pulse. This free app will assist you in keeping on top of your workload, as well as notify you when courses you are enrolled in on Avenue to Learn are updated. To download the iOS version for iPhone users here is the link: For the Android version download it from the Google Play store through this link: While we are not the developers of this app, we can provide some basic support around configuring it for use at McMaster. If you have feedback for D2L, feel free to put in a ticket and we will pass on that information to D2L.

2018/2019 Fall/Winter Course Request Form

Office 365 now available to all McMaster students

  • McMaster students and faculty now have access to Office 365 - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other tools to support your studies and research. For more information on this, go to For any questions regarding Office 365, please contact the University Technology Services HelpDesk at