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new itemPlanned Maintenance

  • On Thursday July 23, at 8 AM, we are conducting a small upgrade to Avenue to Learn that will impact your ability to login to the system. We anticipate this to take no more than 30 minutes, and service should be restored at 8:30 AM. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through Avenue Support.

new item2020/2021 Fall/Winter Course Request Form (Instructors)

new itemImportant Information for Students Regarding McMaster’s Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities in an Online Learning Environment

  • As a McMaster student, you have the right to experience, and the responsibility to demonstrate, respectful and dignified interactions within all our living, learning and working communities. All students agree to uphold the expectations as described in Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities (the Code).

    As you embark on your learning this term, it is essential that students are mindful of online interactions. The Code remains in effect in virtual learning environments and applies to any interactions that adversely affect community members, disrupt, or interfere with reasonable participation in University activities. Student disruptions or behaviours that interfere with university functions on online platforms (e.g. use of Avenue 2 Learn, WebEx or Zoom for delivery), will be taken very seriously and investigated. Outcomes may include restriction or removal of the involved students’ access to these platforms.

    If you experience difficulty or witness behaviors related to these expectations please contact the Office of Student Support & Case Management at and a Case Manager will be happy to connect with you. Click here for additional information about the Code and netiquette (online etiquette).

new itemUpdate Your Mosaic Contact Information!

  • In alignment with the Academic Calendar, all students are asked ensure their contact information in Mosaic is up to date. This includes a current phone number, address, and emergency contact name and contact number. Go to Mosaic to update your information. We recognize that students’ address change frequently during their time in post-secondary and particularly as a result of COVID 19. We ask you ensure your information is up-to-date on a regular basis.

new item2020/2021 Fall/Winter Course Request Form (Instructors)

Announcing the Learning Object Repository

  • To facilitate sharing across programs and courses, we have released the Learning Object Repository. If you have a role of Instructor, TA 1 or Course Developer, you can share Content or Quizzes to a global space, which then allows yourself and others to download and place that object into your course. Not only McMaster content, but MERLOT content is available for use as well. Keep your eyes peeled for documentation on our new Help Site: for more documentation.