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new itemPhishing scam/attack targeted specifically at the Avenue to Learn community

  • There is an advanced spear-phishing attack ongoing against our community, and they’re using Avenue to Learn as their bait.

    The attackers have created a site that looks identical to the Avenue login site, and baited users to go there with a password expiry notice.

    Please note that the Avenue to Learn team does not ever send out emails regarding password resets, and if users are ever unsure, please contact us at and we'll be happy to respond to any concerns that you may have.

new itemAvenue to Learn Outage - July 7th, 2016

  • Due to the fire in the ET Clarke Centre yesterday, there was an unexpected power outage which caused the Avenue to Learn login page to be inaccessible from approximately 1:15pm until 7:30pm.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have had for any of our users. If you require further information, please contact us at and we'll be happy to respond to any concerns that you may have.

new itemFall/Winter Course Request Form

  • The Avenue to Learn course request form is now available for Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Semester. Please make your requests here: Please note that there are changes to copyright policy that have gone into effect as of January 2016, please read the relevant information when making your course request, and if you have any further questions about copyright and Fair Dealing, please visit

new itemAvenue to Learn Instructor/Developer Training and Workshops

  • The workshop training schedule has now been posted. For more information and to book a spot, please head on over to

    There are no workshops scheduled for the months of June or July but if you would like to get some training during those months, please send an email to our support team at and we'll be happy to arrange a one-on-one session with you.

new itemAvenue May Update - Version 10.6.1

  • On May 27th, Avenue will be upgraded to version 10.6.1 - there will be no downtime with this update. However, there will be changes to the language of the system. The following terms will be adjusted to eliminate confusion and to better inform users of the intention of the tool or service. News will be renamed Announcements, Dropbox is changing to Assignments, Edit Course will change to Course Admin, and Pager is changing to Instant Messaging. In Content there are two additional language changes; New is changing to Upload/Create and Add Existing Activities is change to Existing Activities.

new itemDigital Badges

  • A new tool will be appearing on Avenue today: Badges. Digital badges are a way to document skills, experiences and achievements. Digital badges are portable through Mozilla's Backpack, and allow the user to combine badges from different sources to better articulate themselves to an audience on almost any digital platform. For more information, please see our support wiki article on badges.

    If you are interested in issuing badges in a curricular or co-curricular context, please get in touch with Jon Kruithof,

D2L Pulse App

  • Thanks to modifications to the way you login to Avenue to Learn, we now are pleased to introduce you to D2L's (the company who makes Avenue to Learn) app, Brightspace Pulse. This free app will assist you in keeping on top of your workload, as well as notify you when courses you are enrolled in on Avenue to Learn are updated. To download the iOS version for iPhone users here is the link: For the Android version download it from the Google Play store through this link: While we are not the developers of this app, we can provide some basic support around configuring it for use at McMaster. If you have feedback for D2L, feel free to put in a ticket and we will pass on that information to D2L.