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new itemAttention Instructors: Turnitin

  • Notice to instructors - Our plagiarism detection utility (turnitin) is back up and running. There are a few issues that are currently being sorted out with the vendor regarding any assignment folders coming back with an 'api error'. We have a high level ticket in with the vendor regarding this, and apologize for any issues this may cause. We will post a notice once this issue has been addressed.

new item2017/2018 Fall/Winter Course Request Form

new itemAvenue to Learn Changes - August 7, 2017

  • On August 7, 2017, Avenue to Learn will experience a visual upgrade. This upgrade will result in zero downtime. For more information about the upgrade, please see the attached PDF.

new itemAvenue to Learn and PebblePad Workshops For Summer 2017

new itemD2L FREE Webinar Series

  • The webinar series— "Getting Everyone on Board with Your Learning Management System" — will examine adoption obstacles, Roger’s Theory of Diffusion, and best practices for getting everyone on board.

    Sign up now! There are 3 different webinars - signup can be found at:

D2L April Update for Avenue To Learn

  • For April there has been an update to the Math Editor in the HTML editor, an added Accessibility Checker, and in the Quizzes tool, the Long Answer (LA) question type is now Written Response (WR). For more information on the change that was implemented, please refer to our wiki at:

    This update has been automatically applied on Friday April 21st, 2017 at 4AM. There will be NO downtime or interruption of service for you.

D2L Pulse App

  • Thanks to modifications to the way you login to Avenue to Learn, we now are pleased to introduce you to D2L's (the company who makes Avenue to Learn) app, Brightspace Pulse. This free app will assist you in keeping on top of your workload, as well as notify you when courses you are enrolled in on Avenue to Learn are updated. To download the iOS version for iPhone users here is the link: For the Android version download it from the Google Play store through this link: While we are not the developers of this app, we can provide some basic support around configuring it for use at McMaster. If you have feedback for D2L, feel free to put in a ticket and we will pass on that information to D2L.