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new itemUPDATED - Spring/Summer Course Request Form Delay

  • The Spring/Summer course request form will not be available until data from Mosaic is made available to us to populate the form. We currently expect this to occur soon. As we are dependent on the data to create the connection between Registrar’s information and your course, it is important to have this connection built correctly as it reduces the workload for faculty and staff greatly. We will keep you updated as we find out new information and appreciate your continued patience and understanding while this is resolved.

new itemSAP - Student Appeals Procedure

McMaster Primer on Privacy Course - Self Registration

  • Starting Tuesday February 10th, all McMaster employees and students will have access to a new course called McMaster Primer on Privacy. This self-directed course will be available through Self Registration, which will be available in the Navigation bar on your Homepage. Students are not required to take this course, however it does contain information about privacy that may be of interest.

What Happens to my Learning Portfolio After I Graduate?

  • The short answer is, nothing happens to your Learning Portfolio after you graduate! If you have made a presentation public, it will still be available on the web after your graduate, but you will not be able to login to make changes or continue to add artifacts to your Learning Portfolio. If you wish to continue using your Learning Portfolio you can move it to the MyDesire2Learn Service for free (we've created PDF instructions on how to do this) or you can export the presentations and save them as HTML files. To export a presentation simply select the drop down menu for the specific presentation, then select Export, then choose "Export HTML version of presentation".